The keys to couples riding.

Written by a male.

Riding with your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend can be enjoyable.

I’d like to point out at this time that if you and your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend ride together with no hard feelings, then stop reading this, don’t waste your time.

However, if you’re part of a couple that likes to ride bikes but doesn’t ride bikes together, than know, not only have I experienced this I’ve heard stories about it in excess.

This is a tough topic to tackle but hopefully we can accomplish something.

I hear it all, but let’s start with the most common thing I hear -“My husband rides too fast” or “My husband rides too far in front of me”.  Husbands – let’s clear up something here, you’re being a dick. Don’t worry though, I know you don’t know.  Wives – understand he really doesn’t know.

Husband, understand that if your wife feels like this then she’s not looking at this as a fitness activity where it’s every man for himself and let’s get a good workout in. She’s looking at it as a date of some sorts, a way to spend time together.

The cure. Well, first you acknowledge the problem. So husband, if you want to go fast do it alone, she’s not into it and it will ruin a great opportunity. Find fun routes with features and destinations and she will want to ride with you all the time. Wives, even if you’re not into riding fast, try picking up the pace sometimes, think of it like a compromise.

Another common problem is the male is super into sport riding whether it be off road mountain biking or road riding. Most times the male get’s comfortable and throws the female in the deep end which makes it not enjoyable. If your wife is willing to road or mountain ride make sure you take it easy. Don’t pick a route with hills unless she’s really into hills. Personal research shows that when the road turns up she doesn’t typically see it as a challenge to rise above, she sees it as hard work and not fun. The same really goes for mountain biking, anytime she’s pushing her bike she’s not having fun.

I’ve found that typically male and females like riding bikes and most times like riding them together. I’ve also found that the way we ride can divide us. It’s sad to hear a young woman say, “I want to get rid of my bike because my husband always rides so fast”.  At the end of the day if you don’t want to do it don’t. However if you want to ride as a couple turn the obstacles into opportunity.

I know as a couple and a family we have fun riding bikes, but usually the fun comes in the form of riding it to someplace, ride to a park, ride to swimming, ride to ice cream, ride to Chipotle, ride to wherever.

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