The Trek Cross Rip, The Ultimate Cyclo/Bike

When I think of the perfect bike for Zanesville Ohio and the people around Zanesville Ohio I think of a bike that can do everything.

I imagine a bike that can take rough roads, chip and seal roads, gravel roads, smooth roads and offer great stability and durability. I imagine it being able to do everything from a road race to a gravel race to a cyclocross race to having a child seat and grocery baskets. I picture the bike as an American Vehicle.

The reason I think of the bike being able to do so much is because I think of where we live. We live in an area where roads aren’t smooth. We live in an area where gravel roads and chip and seal are majority rule. We live in an area nice highways. We live in an area where are cities can be commuted by bike.

Can one bike do it all? Well, the Trek Cross Rip is pretty close. Change your tires and gearing and you have a capable do everything bike.

What it’s not, a European race bike.

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