Trek 820

The Trek 820 is available in men’s and women’s designs and has been a long running model in the Trek line because it is the lowest price adult bike in the line at $379 and is a great bike to ride around for a number of purposes. It is a full on mountain bike and completely capable of navigating off road in the woods trail. Its tires are 2 inches wide with non aggressive knob tires, so it gives you what you need off road but rolls well on the pavement.

Its frame is well crafted  steel and outfitted with well chose materials to provide a sturdy, trusty ride. It’s simplicity reduce’s the price without sacrificing quality.

The bike can be outfitted with a rack system, lightingsmart sensors and fenders. Racks give the ability to hold all kinds of different storage devices for all kinds of different purposes, such as long trip supplies, grocery store bags and baskets.

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