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The 2020 Domane has hit a new level. This bike is update with the latest conditions out on the road and is ready to allow you to do it better than ever before. Why? Front and Rear Iso Speed. Wider Tires that are still fast.

There are different models and they all have unprecedented integration.  New to the Domane is internal frame storage. Not only does it look way better it will provide for better ride quality and experiences. The new bikes come with a new axle system called thru axles which enhance ride quality to a modern level.

With comfort features, integration for lighting, fenders and models with drive trains programmed to always be optimal cycling has hit a new level and this bike helps take it there.

The Domane SL7 has a performance price tag but tons of performance that wasn’t possible at the price tag in the recent past. Check out the sound of the high engagement point of the rear hub.

The sound isn’t the great part, it’s the fact that instant engagement makes the bike safer, ride better and require less maintenance in the free hub area.

Also, product support is starting to hit the next level. 

The Domane is a road bike that comes in Mens and Womens versions that has nearly become the flagship model for the Trek Brand. The model line goes from $699 to $12,999 and has every kind of offering in between. Upgraded drives trains and components are made out of stronger materials allowing them to work better under pressure and stay adjusted properly much longer.

There’s a full range of Aluminium products as well as Carbon that ensure there’s a bike for everyone no matter their cycling prowess. If you’re looking at buying a bike for the first time, road bikes are the most efficient bikes on the market. By design, they are as light as can be and the typical 25-32 mm wide tires offer lower resistance. It is important to note that most bikes are starting to accept wider tires.

There has been a switch in braking styles on most models that allow wider tires, with disc brakes allowing the most clearance and direct mount brakes just a little behind. Having braking options can sound confusing but it simply depends on your riding style and desired ride quality. Disc brakes provide more power and are more consistent in wet and dirty conditions. Rim Brakes provide great power and are lighter and more aerodynamic.

The base model of the Domane is called the AL2 and is fully capable of touring the United States multiple times. As you go up the line the bikes get lighter and performance is gained. The aluminum versions have many configurations and specifications. Carbon starts at the SL5 and is of great value for the class it’s in.

Carbon fiber is not just carbon fiber and also the construction processes are not all the same. Trek has been making carbon for awhile and have invested in making sure they’re delivering a top quality product. The frames go through stringent testing to ensure industry leadership.

The claim to fame of the Domane series is called IsoSpeed. If you have been cycling for years or are just starting out IsoSpeed is something you’ll appreciate and be thankful to have. IsoSpeed detaches key tubes from each other, allowing the intended tube to flex so it can provide significant dampening without losing the great feel of a road bike.

By nature, cycling can be tough work out and an adventurous journey depending on the terrain of your choice and the amount of time you choose to spend in the saddle. The proprietary technology of IsoSpeed reduces rider fatigue, soreness and improves handling and comfort. IsoSpeed is located on the seat tube, the handle bars and the fork.

The bikes can be outfitted with a rack system, lighting, smart sensors and fenders. Racks give the ability to hold all kinds of different storage devices for all kinds of different purposes, such as long trip supplies, grocery store bags and baskets.

The Domane is one of the biggest reason’s as to why we started dealing with Trek in the first place, every customer who owns one has been thoroughly satisfied.

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