Trek Fuel

Trek’s Fuel line are Men’s and Women’s full suspension mountain bikes with 3 main style configurations. There are pure cross country race style bikes, trail bikes and trail bikes with plus size tires. Each model type is similar, with small changes that improve experience in certain scenarios.

A cross country style race bike is going to have a pedal efficient position and built to be light. A trail bike has more of a neutral position and is a little beefier to handle a more abusive setting. A trail bike with plus tires gives more grip, traction and balance which makes for a safer more comfortable ride.

There are aluminum framed models and carbon framed models with the carbon being specific for mountain bikes. All frames have the exclusive technologies of ABP, Full Floater and Knock Block.

These technologies are more than sales pitches, they distinctively enhance the ride. ABP stands for active braking pivot, which is built into the rear end to prevent the shock from loading up under braking allowing the rear wheel to maintain contact with the ground when needed the most.

Full Floater is a pivot system where the shock is fully connected to the rear end and it allows the suspension to work without notice which is very nice.

Knock Block is a simple piece that stops the fork from hitting the frame, which doesn’t sound like much, but the frame has been redesigned, making the down tube stronger and stiffer for an even better ride.

Fuels range from your first full suspension to complete top end models. All models perform excellently, with higher end models being more built to handle more rider demand.

Trek Fuel 7 Men’s Mountain Bike Zanesville Ohio
Trek Fuel 5 Full Suspension Mountain Bike Zanesville Ohio

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