Trek Madone

A lot of times, the mystique where’s off on the latest and greatest because a lot of times the latest and greatest isn’t what we thought it would be, this bike however is something to be excited about.

Trek has been working with carbon for a long time and here we have a culmination in their expertise. Carbon as a material allows for stiffness where you want it, compliance where you want it and that makes for and incredible ride. Carbon is simply amazing because if offers a lot of great benefits and is lighter than other construction materials.

With a lot of bikes you can ride an idea or a bike, with Trek Madone you get both. A lot of aerodynamic bikes don’t have a great ride feel because the shape optimization overrides the ride characteristics, but with carbon expertise Madone maintains a great feel.

Aerodynamics may not seem important to some people, but the truth is that aerodynamics make the bike more efficient, which is important because you’re the motor, with the end result being going faster or going farther easier. Road biking can be tough on the body, but thanks to Trek’s Isospeed most of the vibrations from the road are nullified and cracks are dampened.

Madone has some base models now, but they’re still built to be high end performance machines. With the carbon layup manufacturing process and the isospeed being awesome features there’s more. The models that come with a one piece handle show absolutely no cables, further enhancing the aerodynamic properties of the bikes.

The feel of the bike is amazing. You can tell the energy you put out is transferring into forward momentum and due to the aerodynamics it’s easier to keep the bike going. It’s very stable in a straight line, corners comfortably and shows no undesired characteristics when under stress.

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