Trek Madone: King of the road bikes.

A lot of times, the mystique where’s off on the latest and greatest because a lot of times the latest and greatest isn’t what we thought it would be, this bike however is something to be excited about.

It comes from long lineage, and is culminated in this package.

It takes a lot of resources to even prototype a bike like this, so it’s not all bad to support a bigger company.

Let’s talk about the bike.

It’s not going to be easy to make small adjustments easily. However, how important is that? In this case not so important, for one, the platform is solid, so things aren’t coming out of adjustment as easily as they do on lesser quality platforms. Second, a master mechanic should have built it so you shouldn’t need to make small adjustments.

It doesn’t offer a ton of fit versatility, which if your set in your ways you got three options, cry about it, spend more money or get a project one. However, being a person that demands their bike fit is perfect was surprisingly happy with the fit out of the box. Also worth adding is that the position out of the box may be close to universal and a lot of people need to suck it up a little.

It’s full of them. First, as a platform it fits well. I’ve owned a few bikes and nothing has been better out of the box than this one. Next is it’s design is near perfect. You want an efficient vehicle and this one is efficient.  Unprecedented aerodynamics and integration allow the effort you put in result in speed.

Next is comfort. I must say the stock saddle was surprisingly comfortable, I’ve never had a bike come with a saddle I liked and this one was A+. It also has the tried and true ISO speed decoupler. ISO speed allows the seat post to flex taking the abuse out of your body.

And we’re back to the platform, so we know that it fits well, but this is about it’s quality. And this is where having all the resources and all the know how come into play. The bike feels like how it does in a dream. That is a product of a wealth of research, a wealth of know how and a wealth of sticking a project out till it’s done.

One crazy thing that put’s it in perspective for me, this is literally the nicest bike you can get in the entire world.

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