Trek Verve

The Verve has a long heritage in being a comfort hybrid and has been a well liked model for us at Three Sixty Bike Shop.

It’s popular choice for those looking to ride in an upright position. It can be used in a variety of ways but it’s main purpose is to be a bike that you’re going to ride in a relaxed and secure way. Even with a design like this if you ever wanted to step on the gas there is plenty of bike to support the effort.

Ride quality feels lively and comfortable due to the design and ideas. The steering isn’t overly fast and not overly slow, so the bike does handle okay at slower speeds but is certainly smooth and stable in straight lines.

The Verve comes in Men’s and Women’s Models and range from $399 to $609. All models feature a light weight aluminium frame that is above standard quality in construction material and craftsmanship. Every model except the base model has suspension built into the seat post. Upgraded drives trains and components are made out of stronger materials allowing them to work better under pressure and stay adjusted properly much longer.

Each model in the Verve line has been recently redesigned. The tires have increased in width from 35 mm to 45 mm, the frame geometry revised, a saddle change and a suspension fork removal. It’s hard to say that a good product should be changed, but when you can make it significantly lighter by removing the suspension fork and still get nearly the same benefits of suspension by widening the tires and adding a sweep to the fork then you have a winning combination.

Some may think wider tires would create more friction, but due to the spring rate of the tires research shows very little differences in efficiency up to certain widths in real world scenarios and in some cases make the bike more efficient. It is important to note that wider tires offer more stability, traction, survivabilty and balance points which can make for a better experience.

The bike is over 6 lbs lighter than it’s previous version. The frame, fork and handlebar stem revisions have made the bike lighter along with a revision to the saddle. The saddle maintains a decent width profile, more sleek padding and appears to mimic what a leather saddle looks like in shape after it’s been worn in. This design sacrifices little in the scheme of things and allows for much more fluid pedaling, again making the experience more enjoyable.

New for this model line is the addition of +, men’s and women’s pedal assisted electric motor system. These motor systems can be a great thing for a number of people for a number reason’s.

The bike can be outfitted with a rack system, lightingsmart sensors and fenders. Racks give the ability to hold all kinds of different storage devices for all kinds of different purposes, such as long trip supplies, grocery store bags and baskets.

Each model in the line is of great value and is fitted with a solid wheel set and drive train components.

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Trek Verve 2, Cambridge Ohio Hybrid Bicycle

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