Considering a new bike? Why we choose Trek.

Trek has been a long standing company and a family owned business for a long time. They were the last of the company’s making bikes in America and to this day still make some products in Waterloo Wisconsin.

While that is part of the story we choose Trek for one reason, a dedication to best in class products at prices that are comparable to lesser quality items. Being in the bike industry for along time one can develop an eye for quality that may not be noticeable to the untrained eye and while some bikes may look similar there are clear differences in engineering, craftsmanship and material selection that set Trek apart.

Selling you a product that we can look you into the eye and say this is the best one at the price brings us peace. So when you’re looking at different bikes know that when you buy a Trek, more than likely, the Trek always edges the competition.

More than that, it’s what they do outside of bikes that really caught our attention. With participating dealers such as ourselves, Trek donates 1 dollar from every helmet sold to people for bikes and 10 dollars with every full suspension mountain bike sold to IMBA. That’s not the only effort to grow and change the biking culture, they’re streaming cyclo cross races, enhancing safety and paying female athletes the same as the males.

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