What do we do?

We are a bicycle repair shop, bmx shop, road race shop, mountain bike shop, bike path bike shop. We feature apparel and accessories along with easy ordering. We are Zanesville’s Central Bike Station. We do everything bike.

We work on bikes, assist you on finding a new one, listen to what kind of bike you’re already looking for.

We get involved in different things locally and try to make a positive impact in our community.

Our background in bicycles.

Personally we ride road bikes, mountain bikes, bikes on the bike path, bmx bikes and bikes around town. Our store matches that, being involved in the different facets of bikes we understand that you ride how you want to ride and we’re here to support that. Our leader has been on and working on bikes for nearly his entire life and doing it professionally for about a decade.

Who are we?

Jaime, Edward, Anson, Huxley
Jaime, Edward, Anson, Huxley

We’re a couple of American kids doing the best that they can. We ride for sport and as a family. We ride hard and easy. We ride for recreation and to do work.

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