Project Recycle

Project Recycle may be a chapter in our book that is officially closed. However, we see that as a positive result.

Sometime, in the recent past, either late 2010 or early 2011 we started a project to help people without any transportation gain transportation.

Throughout the next two years hundreds of bikes were donated by the people of Zanesville and surrounding areas and hundreds of bikes went out.

The project was rough and became something that has impacted our community still today.

For some people it really helped them get a step further and for some people, well, they like to take advantage of anything or anyone they can.

It can be said that real social change can be seen and if someone was measuring – possibly measured.

This small project not only helped people get motivated to get jobs and improve their lives it spread to different communities and made people realize that the general public had a value on their life. To us, that’s the biggest benefit we’ve seen, that people who thought no one cared found that an overwhelming amount of people do care and that help is there as long as their willing to help themselves.

The point is that some trips by foot would be 4 hours when on bike they would be 30 minutes.