Three Sixty Bike Shop’s Rules of the Road

Three Sixty Bike Shop’s Rules of the Road

The law allows riding a bike on the road and requires the cyclists to follow all the same traffic rules. Understanding this is key because it is what allows us to get along. No matter what the law says though, if you cannot handle your bike properly you have no business riding with traffic.

Contrary to the belief of many, I must say that riding on the road is decently safe, especially now, with daytime visible tail lights that can be seen from over a mile. The light is important as it allows a motorists to see you from up to a minute away. Visibility clothing is also important for being seen. Being visible is a rule not a sales pitch.

People are willing to share the road, but they expect you to be trying your best to be in a position where they can clear you. Try and be as close to the side of the road as you can in general because you are required to share the road back.

So if you’re at a stop light, get moving, if you can’t get moving try and get out of the way, people will see the amount of effort you’re putting in for them and respect that. Avoid heavy and hectic traffic areas, usually there are ways around these areas on a bike, while you’re allowed to ride heavy traffic areas in general, this is where people can be the most rude because they’re in a hurry and traffic doesn’t flow as it is.

Being assertive is necessary, if some people think you’re weak they’ll exploit it. Always maintain the attitude that you know what you’re doing, you’re allowed to do it and that you’re no different than they are. At the end of the day a person is a person, it doesn’t matter what vehicle they use.

Be predictable, if people can tell what you’re going to do they can plan what they’re going to do better and everyone is safer.

There’s not really a lot of situations where this is going to happen, but there may be times when people are rude bullies but the truth is they’re not like this because you’re on a bike, they’re like this in traffic anyway. A person who is in the wrong is in the wrong and in no situation where a person is wrong now right because they’re in a car and you’re on a bike.

In summation follow the law, be visible, be of common in interest and be a bad ass that isn’t going to fight.