Women’s Summer Cycling Series

Three Sixty Bike Shop’s Women’s Summer Cycling Series is 4 group rides led by Jaime Brooks who is a beginner level cyclists. Each ride will take place on a Saturday at 11:00 am in June and start at Three Sixty Bike Shop.

This is a free social ride for people looking to enjoy exploration and fitness. All routes are designed to be user friendly, simple and safe in an effort to build group cycling.

When possible, police will escort the group out of the city to give people new to the road some security while gaining experience. If traffic intimidates you check out our rules of the road page.

The first ride, June 9th, will be a beginner friendly road course. It will leave the shop and head out of Zanesville on Route 40 West. After summiting the ridge the ride will turn around and follow route 40 back into the town. This route is purposefully simple so that the group will have a chance to acclimate. View course here.

The second ride, June 16th, is still a beginner friendly road course, with added fun and challenge. It will start out much like course number one but at the summit of the West 40 climb, the ride will turn left onto Ridge Road and follow it back into town. This ride provides fun terrain with a step up in challenge. View course here.

The third ride, June 23rd, will return to the Route 40 out and back format but with an increase in distance and encompasses climbing both sides of the ridge. View course here.

The final ride of the series, June 30th, will return to the Ridge Road route but with a small turn off at the Route 40 Climb to tackle a steeper part of the ridge. View Course here.

All traffic laws are to be obeyed by riders.

We recommend that you have some experience riding your bike and some form of fitness, a sturdy well working bike with good tires and daytime visible running lights. And helmets, of course!

Each rider needs to have their own water, nutrition and/or any supplies they feel they may need.

Please register below. Registration closes June 1st with the ability to make exceptions.

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